Finished Round 1 of Chemo

Here is a message from Christine, Jasmine’s mom:

Jasmine’s first round of CHEMO finished Thursday and she is into her first observation/recovery phase of the cycle.

Today is day 12 of the first 29 day cycle. (Every cycle is 29 days— 10 days of chemo followed by 19 days of observing and recovery.)

We are so THANKFUL. Her symptoms are being managed well. Jasmine’s physical appearance points directly to the grace of God. It’s not that it hasn’t had side effects, but she is doing physically well. She is pale and has lost a bit of weight but you wouldn’t guess she had cancer by looking at her.

THANK YOU LORD that we have been allowed to go on a pass (leave the hospital) for 4 hours for a few days. We’ve been able to go home and Jas has been able to see Zelda (the family dog) and her two hamsters. We can’t see anyone or go to public places because of her compromised immunity, but being at home even for a few hours has been a gift.

We are waiting on the the results of her first bone marrow biopsy and should receive them Monday or Tuesday.

Jasmine has added a lot of new beads!


1) PRAY FOR a good test result from her first bone marrow biopsy. This is where they determine the severity level of the cancer. The lowest level would mean only chemo is needed. Higher levels will require more treatment.

2) PRAY that the cancer has responded to the chemotherapy. On day 28 when they do the second bone marrow biopsy, the doctors want to see 0 for cancer cells. This will tell them that the chemo is WORKING. If they see cancer cells when they test her on day 28, that means her body is not responding and other treatment will be needed.

3) PRAY for continued ease of physical side effects. THANK YOU LORD that so far there is no inflammation in her mouth and her hair has not fallen out. Her symptoms have been managed well with medication.

4) PRAY for NO infection (she neutropenic which means because of her white blood cell (WBC) being 1 (normal is 150-300), she has a very compromised immune system.

In addition:

5) PRAY for REST hope, joy and peace in the waiting. The next 17 days will be much waiting. Pray that God will renew their strength as they wait on the Lord and that He would protect their minds and hearts with HIS peace and their faith in His great faithfulness.

6) PRAY for complete physical healing in Jasmine’s body from Leukemia and complete healing from the grip of fear in Jesus name for Jasmine and her family. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, not an outcome, but He invites us to KEEP ASKING, so ask we will, with great faith in God’s ability.

Thank you prayer warriors. Let’s continue to uphold this family and invite heaven to fight on Jasmine’s behalf!

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