Meet the Family

You will hear about many family members in this blog, so let’s meet them!

Jasmine Adams – Loved. Beautiful. Strong. Brave. Turning 13 on January 26th.

Christine Adams – Jasmine’s Mom

Brad Adams – Jasmine’s Dad

Eli Adams – Jasmine’s 11 year-old brother, and her biggest supporter.

Connie and Gerry Taillon – Christine’s parents who live right around the corner

JP and Jessie Taillon – Christine’s brother and wife in Cochrane (who writes the blog posts)

Anita and Kyle Broussard – Christine’s sister and husband in Louisiana

Lisa and Mark Adams – Brad’s parents in Louisiana

Joni and Jeremy Boudreaux – Brad’s sister and husband in Louisiana

Jasmine’s Army – The army of prayer warriors, encouragers, intercessors, friends and family, who are upholding Jasmine Adams and her family as she and Jesus battle her leukaemia!