The Day Everything Changed

One phone call changed everything.

Earlier that day, Jasmine had gone for blood tests for some unexplained bruising she had noticed two days prior. She spent the afternoon with Gram Connie like she had many times.

Photo with Gram one hour before the phone call.

Around dinnertime, Christine received a phone call with the results from the blood work.

Critical. Urgent. Go to the hospital.

Brad and Christine brought Jasmine in right away, while Eli went to spend the night at a friend’s house. JP and Connie followed shortly behind, while Gerry was home sick.

The Adams were admitted into a room in the emergency department to meet with a doctor while Connie and JP waited in the main area. One hour later Christine burst into the waiting room, and dissolving into tears, uttered the words it’s leukemia.

No. No. No. No. No. This can’t be happening. How could this happen? Why did this happen? No. No. No. No.

In shock, Gram went in to see her granddaughter while JP called the family to tell them the horrific news. Then they all joined together in the little room to comfort Jas and hear more what the doctor had to say. They were asked an overwhelming amount of questions, and poor Jas was poked multiple times as the IV was inserted.

And surprisingly, despite the tears and shock, there were sweet moments of laughter, chocolate chip cookies, and the incoming stream of messages from people praying.

Uncle JP, Jasmine and Mom Christine enjoying comfort cookies

They admitted Jasmine to Oncology and gave her platelets because her levels were dangerously low. Christine stayed with her (Jasmine’s room has an extra bench bed) while everyone else went home. And in the wee hours of the morning, some sleep eventually came.

10 thoughts on “The Day Everything Changed

  1. Wow, Dear friends,
    This is all happening very, very quickly, heh. We are seeing the beauty of your family, friendships and faith, as you pull together, begin praying, though both tears and laughter, I’m sure.
    We love you guys and are joining you in prayer 💜💪🏻⚓️
    Thank you for sharing so beautifully. God’s got us all, including your sweet Jasmine,
    ♥️ Laurel & Will

  2. What a strong testimony of God’s word. The hardest word is WAIT. Thank you Jessie, for this perspective. We are praying for our sweet Jasmine. God is working. His people are trusting and praying.

  3. Praying for God’s perfect timing and healing for Jasmine. My family has been through cancer with several family members; my mother, my husband and my own daughter. God will be with you in every area. You will be amazed for sure. Love and prayers from Jonesboro, Ga.

  4. Hey Jasmine. It’s Mrs Teresa Fruchey. Wow you have a lot going on. I’m sorry you’re sick but I’ll tell you that not only am I praying for you so are hundreds of people to you’ll never meet. I’ve even stopped strangers when I’m out in town, yes really just ask Dad he knows how I am, lol. Lots of love and hugs as well as prayers all coming your way

  5. I got a phone call tonight from my daughter telling me about your story…this brought back all those memories and fears of being told my daughter had Leukemia. Please feel free to call/text me if ever you feel the need to talk. I know how much talking to the other moms gave me comfort in knowing they understood what I was feeling and all the questions that only another mother can help answer. My heart is aching for you all, and I will be praying for comfort and healing. You are in good hands ❤️ Rochelle 403-805-0244

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